Verrado High School

Verrado is a 220,000 square foot high school completed in 2006. Located in the Agua Fria Union High School District. Funding totaled $136 million. Verrado is a LEED Silver Certified school.

Green Features include:

  • Metered faucets and waterless urinals
  • High efficiency indirect lighting with occupancy sensors and lighting controls
  • Demand control ventilation
  • Use of local materials such as brick and masonry
  • IAQ feature
Results achieved include:
Water Efficiency: Efficiencies cut water use by roughly 23%.
Energy Efficiency: The school is 28% more energy efficient and savings of $50,000 a year are expected.
Materials and Resources: About 85% of the building materials were found locally in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
Indoor Air Quality: The CO2 In the air is being monitored.
Sustainable sites: The school incorporated daylight views into 75% of the site space.
Innovation: The design incorporates a high efficiency central chiller facility with variable speed drives on chilled and hot water pumps.
Savings: Water efficiency savings in both the indoor (23%) and outdoor landscaping usage (50%) is a significant savings for a desert climate.
Benefits: The “green” features of the school is used as a teaching tool. Students are aware of the green building design and features and answer visitors questions about the building.

Have staff attend trainings on Green School design and energy efficiency.

Download the case study for this school