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Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance | Universal Waste Management

To stay in compliance with universal waste requirements and prepare for inspections:

Store in Closed Containers

  • Universal waste lamps must be in a structurally sound container
  • Containers must be securely closed to prevent mercury vapor from escaping

Examples of improperly and properly closed universal waste containers | View Photos >

Label Containers

  • Universal waste containers must labeled “Universal Waste” followed by a description of the waste (e.g., “Universal Waste- Used Lamps”).
  • Mark each container with the earliest date the waste is generated and accumulate for no longer than one year

Examples of improperly and properly labeled universal waste containers | View Photos > 

Educate Employees

  • Train employees on proper universal waste handling and emergency procedures 
  • Supporting documentation of training must be kept on file for all employees that handle and/or manage universal waste

Following are examples of training documentation and records:

  • A roster with the date and signatures of the employees
  • Certificates with employee name and date
  • Providing actual training materials