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Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance | Waste Determinations

Evaluate All Waste

Wastes are generally thought to be generated as an output from a process, but wastes can be generated at any point (byproduct, spills, leaks) | View Flow Chart >

A person who generates a solid waste must make the determination if it is a hazardous waste. This determination must be made at the point of generation, before any dilution, mixing or other alteration. If the generator cannot determine if the waste is hazardous, they must test the waste according to applicable methods.1

The amount of waste you generate each month determines your generator status. Generator status must be evaluated and updated monthly. Any changes in status must be reported to ADEQ | Learn More >

Examples of waste include excess material, expired off-spec product, discarded adhesives, metal shavings, overspray, used PPE/wipes/rags contaminated with toxic waste, etc. | View Photos > 

Maintain Supporting Documentation

Wastes determination documentation examples:

  • Representative sample analysis results from an accredited ADHS environmental laboratory
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Process flow diagram
  • Chemical reaction diagram
  • Updates when products/processes change
    Note: Updating your waste profile at least every three years is recommended