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Will The Valley See Its First Major Dust Storm of The Season This Week?

If you were around Phoenix during the 2011 Monsoon Season, then you probably remember that monstrous dust storm that plowed through the Valley on July 5. In general, early July is when the Valley starts to see its first dust storms. But so far this June, parts of the Valley have already been affected by dust storms (Saturday, June 11 and this past Tuesday night, June 22). Fortunately, no PM10 monitors exceeded the standard on either day.

This week, the weather pattern has been favorable thunderstorm activity in southeastern Arizona on several days. And high-resolution forecast models have tried to forecast strong thunderstorm winds impacting the Valley from the south/southeast multiple times. However, those winds haven't always panned out.

Nevertheless, models are indicating the possibility of strong thunderstorms winds moving into the Valley later this afternoon. Therefore, there is a potential for a dust storm-perhaps a major one-to occur. We've thus issued a PM10 High Pollution Advisory for today.

Just a reminder: High Pollution Watches (HPW) are issued when there is a potential for a pollutant to exceed the federal health standard. An HPW may be upgraded to an High Pollution Advisory if there is a high probability for a pollutant to exceed the standard, or if it is imminent.

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