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Hazardous Waste Reporting Goes Paperless with myDEQ

Sign up today to register your permanent EPA ID and manage hazardous waste reporting using myDEQ, ADEQ's online portal.

As a myDEQ user, you can access the myDEQ portal at your convenience, 24/7, to instantly:

  • Register for or modify a permanent EPA ID number (EPA ID numbers granted upon ADEQ review and approval)
  • Close your facility
  • Submit your quarterly or annual generation amounts
  • Update report generation information 
  • Submit your annual registration
  • Pay online
  • Receive alerts for reports and payment so you never miss a due date

Just a few easy steps to register for myDEQ * | Learn More >

Want to learn more about haz waste reporting in myDEQ?

ADEQ no longer accepts paper submissions for hazardous waste reporting. To help with this transition, ADEQ invites interested parties to contact the myDEQ help line at 844-827-4768 or by email at [email protected].

Note that this does not include e-Manifest reporting. To submit e-Manifest, visit EPA RCRAInfo | Visit Site >

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