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Permit(s) needed for Land Development/Subdivisions

Permit(s) needed for Land Development/Subdivisions

Revised On: Apr. 10, 2024 - 8:10 a.m.

You may need all or some of the following permits:

  • If composting, may need a Solid Waste Notification for Composting | Learn More >
  • If you are constructing public, semi-public pools,  and spas, you may need a Public and Semi-Public Pools and Spa (Approval to Construct) | Learn More >
  • If you are selling lots in a subdivision, you may need an Approval of Sanitary Facilities for Subdivisions | Learn More >

This listing may not be comprehensive depending upon the specifics of your facility. Additional permits or registrations may be needed, therefore ADEQ recommends you contact the Permit Liaisons if unsure of permit requirements.

Air Quality Permit Liaison
           Ph: 602-771-2338
          Email >

Water Quality Permit Liaisons
         For: Groundwater
                Ph: 602-771-0175
                Email >
         For: Drinking Water
               Ph: 602-771-7570
         For: Surface Water
                Ph: 602-771-1440
                Email >

Waste Permit Liaisons
         For: Solid and Biohazardous
                Ph: 602-771-4136
                Email >
         For: Hazardous Waste
                Ph: 602-771-0349
                Email >
         For: USTs
                Ph: 602-771-4196
                Email >