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Barry M. Goldwater Range-East


The Barry M. Goldwater Range-East (BMGR) is located in southwest Arizona, and consists of over 2.7 million acres in Maricopa, Pima and Yuma counties, from Yuma to Gila Bend, Arizona and is bordered by Mexico to the south. BMGR is divided into the eastern portion managed by the Luke Air Force Base and the western portion managed by the Yuma Marine Corps Air Station. Only BMGR-East managed by Luke AFB is discussed in this narrative.

Contaminants of Concern

There are no known contaminants pending sampling activities. Contaminants associated with munitions include lead, copper, chromium, mercury, titanium, zinc and explosives.

Public Health Impact

There is no known risk to human health from these sites. Munitions from training activities may pose an explosive safety hazard. Discovery of munitions should be reported to the local law enforcement authorities and left untouched.

Site Hydrogeology

The BMGR is situated in the Basin and Range Lowlands hydrogeologic province characterized by isolated mountain ranges of crystalline rocks separated by alluvial valleys and basins. The mountains serve as aquifer boundaries. The basins are tectonically depressed troughs that have been filled to depths of several thousand feet with unconsolidated alluvium eroded from the mountains. Faulting is common at the margins of the basins as well as in other portions of the basins.

Most of the ground water storage is found within the inter-mountain basins. Surface runoff from rainfall carries water to closed alluvial basins or into generally dry washes. Potential aquifers in the BMGR basins are found in course gravel and sand wedge zones. Depth to groundwater at the BMGR ranges from 24 feet to 663 feet.

Action Taken

In early 2013, surface clearance activities began at the Barry M. Goldwater Range – East Sentinel Plain, Ground Range 5 Lead-In, and Ajo Airport.

In 2015, the Comprehensive Site Evaluation Phase II Surface Clearance Site-Specific Final Report for Sentinel Plain – East, Ground Range 5 Lead-In, and Ajo Airport was submitted for review. In early 2016, the document was approved.


Currently, ADEQ is waiting for the submittal of the Five Year Review and the Record of Decision/Decision Document for Sentinel Plain – East, Ground Range 5 Lead-In, and Ajo Airport.