Mountain View Mobile Home Estates | Site History

The Site was formerly used for milling of asbestos and then for a residential mobile home community. The Site was placed on the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1983 to address health risks posed by the exposed asbestos tailings on the property. Following investigation work, EPA selected cleanup actions in EPA’s 1983 Record of Decision. The selected remedy included the permanent relocation of the mobile home residents, the on-site demolition and burial of the homes and other structures, and the covering of asbestos-contaminated soils and materials with clean soil, crushed rock, and a filter fabric to cap the waste left in place. The remedy also included fencing to protect the cover, signage to keep out trespassers, and institutional controls in the form of a deed restriction. The construction of the remedy was completed in 1986, and the Site was deleted from the NPL in 1988.

ADEQ, the current property owner, is responsible for the long-term maintenance of the capped and fenced property.