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Carefree Cleaners | VRP Site


36889 N. Tom Darlington Drive
Carefree, AZ

Acceptance Into Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP):

May 3, 2016

Contaminants of Concern (COCs)

  • Chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Affected Media

  • Groundwater

What Are My Health Risks?

For Groundwater | If you are connected to a Public Water System (PWS) there is little to no risk of impact from exceedances because the water is filtered through the PWS for residential and business use. | View Drinking Water Notices > 

If you have a private well in the vicinity of the exceedance, we encourage you to test the well water.
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Site Summary

  • Former dry cleaners site now has a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) to address vapor mitigation
  • Further characterization is necessary before a groundwater remedy can be selected
  • The Land and Water Use Study has been initiated as part of the next steps in the remedial investigation. Further evaluation of remedial objectives will continue through 2020
  • ADEQ has reviewed a report submitted in September 2019 summarizing current site conditions. ADEQ responded with comments and requested revisions to the proposal for 2020 on Oct. 4, 2019
  • A work plan to implement a pilot scale remedial action utilizing in-situ chemical oxidation was received and approved by VRP in March 2020
  • A pilot test remedial action was completed in April 2020 and monitoring of post-remediation continued through January 2021
  • Ongoing groundwater monitoring continues to evaluate post-remediation groundwater concentrations and determine if source area remediation has been successful. The most recent remediation progress report was submitted on March 30, 2021 and approved on May 4, 2021. The next monitoring events, with additional sampling and reporting parameters, will occur in July and October of 2021