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myDEQ User Roles and Responsibilities

myDEQ User Roles

myDEQ is an online permitting and compliance portal that fulfills many laws and statutes. These statutes often require certain actions be performed by specific roles:

Responsible Corporate Officer (RCO)

This is the main account holder with the ability to manage one or more companies. For registrations on private properties, the RCO would be the property owner. RCO authority includes:

  • ability to legally bind the organization
  • certifying the Subscriber/Signature Agreement
  • submitting all the necessary documents for setting up a myDEQ account
  • delegating authority for each company by adding one or more Delegated Responsible Officers to their account

Delegated Responsible Officer (DRO)

This user acts on the behalf of the RCO to:

  • assist overseeing all myDEQ account activities
  • receive email records of all certified myDEQ activities
  • assumes all responsibilities for any and all activities completed within their account


The RCO or DRO can assign a Submitter to submit compliance reports on their behalf for any permit they allow.

Data Entry

  • Prepares permit and registration applications for the RCO and/or DRO to review and submit to ADEQ
  • Prepares compliance reporting data for the Submitter, DRO or RCO to view and submit to ADEQ