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P2 House | Painting

When painting, it’s important to avoid the release of paint fumes known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). For homes built prior to 1978, pay special attention to the process of sanding, scraping and removing old paint since these activities can generate dust and chips that may contain lead particles.

When purchasing paint, look for eco-friendly, water-based types that have low or zero VOC. While these paints may be more expensive, traditional paints contain high VOC levels that continue to produce VOC emissions many years after application. Avoid additives in paints, such as preservatives, pesticides or fragrances designed to kill mildew/bacteria or simply add scent.

More painting tips:
  • Do not use exterior paints for interior painting
  • Keep windows open and take breaks often
  • Use a fan to air out spaces
  • Use the proper personal protection such as masks and gloves
  • Keep children and pregnant women out of the room being painted
  • Allow paint to dry completely and the room to aerate before returning furniture and occupying it