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Permits Issued | May 2021

The following is a list of new Air Quality permits that have been issued for May 2021:

Issued to: BHP Miami Unit
Facility Location: Highway 60 & Pinto Valley Road, Miami
AQ Permit Type: Class II Renewal with No Public Hearing
Permit ID: 87750

Issued to: Apache Nitrogen Products
Facility Location: 1436 S. Apache Powder Road, St. David
AQ Permit Type: Class I — Facility Change without Revision
Permit ID: 89159

Issued to: Environmental Technology Inc.
Facility Location: Portable
AQ Permit Type: General Permit for Soil Vapor Extraction Unit
Permit ID: 89259

Issued to: Henry Company
Facility Location: 
4685 Finance Way, Kingman
AQ Permit Type: Class II Minor Permit Revision
Permit ID: 88641

Issued to: Bagdad Mine
Facility Location: 
East to radar Tower 2.7 miles to Culver, left 0.7 miles, Bagdad
AQ Permit Type: Class II Minor Permit Revision
Permit ID: 88705

Issued to: Fiesta Canning Company
Facility Location: 
7978 N. Central Hwy, McNeal
AQ Permit Type: Air Quality Registration Renewal
Permit ID: 89121