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MSGP Compliance Assistance

2019 MSGP Compliance Reports and Forms

To help you stay in compliance with the 2019 MSGP, the following is a list of reports or forms that may be required:

Corrective Action Report (CAR)

The CAR must be submitted within 30 days of discovery, when any of the following conditions occur:

  • There's an unauthorized discharge to a Waters of the US (WOTUS) or to a regulated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)
  • The permittee becomes aware, or ADEQ determines, that a discharge from the site causes or contributes to an exceedance of applicable surface water quality standard(s)
  • The permittee becomes aware, or ADEQ determines, that a discharge from the site to water listed as not-attaining exceeds an adopted wasteload allocation (WLA) for the pollutant(s) causing the impairment
  • The permittee becomes aware, or ADEQ determines, that a discharge from the site to an Outstanding Arizona Water (OAW) is degrading the existing water quality
  • A discharge from the site violates a numeric effluent limitation guideline (ELG)

MSGP CAR | View/Download >

Control Measure Assessment Report (CMAR)

The CMAR must be submitted when a Routine Analytical Monitoring (RAM) value is above an Action Level listed in the permit. The report is due within 30 days of receiving the laboratory analytical data that indicates RAM sample value is above the Action Level.

MSGP CMAR | View/Download >

5-Day Written Report

The 5-Day Written Report must be submitted within 5 days when a permittee becomes aware of circumstances that endangers human health or the environment. The 5-Day report is a follow-up to the 24-hour oral notification to the Agency.

MSGP 5-Day Written Report | View/Download >

Inactive and Unstaffed Site Certification Form

The Inactive and Unstaffed Site Certification Form must be filled out within one year of obtaining permit coverage for mine sites (Sector G and Sector J), when annual inspections are not practical at inactive and unstaffed mine sites. This form must be signed by a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona.

Inactive and Unstaffed Site Certification (Sector G and Sector J) | View/Download >

Non-Compliance Form

The Non-Compliance Form is used to report all instances of non-compliance.

Non-Compliance Form | View/Download >

MSGP Compliance Report Submittal

Submit all compliance reports or forms using one of the following methods:

By Mail: 

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Surface Water Permits Unit, Mail Code 5415A-1
1110 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

By Email:

To [email protected] (Include the LTF#, site name and type of report in the subject line)

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