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Clean Water Act § 404 Assumption

Water Quality Division

Clean Water Act § 404 Assumption

ADEQ conducted a collaborative stakeholder process to draft a roadmap for Arizona to assume the Clean Water Act (CWA) § 404 permitting program. Starting in 2018, almost 500 people engaged by attending stakeholder meetings, participating in work groups, and providing over 2,100 comments. The majority of stakeholder input supported retaining the current process in Arizona, which is conducted by federal agencies | Learn More >

Based on stakeholder input, ADEQ decided not to continue pursuing state assumption of the CWA § 404 permitting program in 2020. Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of the potential development of any program, and ADEQ appreciates the participation of so many people sharing their perspectives.

To request materials related to this effort, please contact the ADEQ Records Center | Learn How >