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APP Financial Responsibility | Overview

Why Do I Need to Prove Financial Responsibility?

It's Required by Law

State law1 requires holders of aquifer protection permits (APPs) to provide evidence of having the financial capacity to cover closure and post-closure care costs, in addition to construction, operation and maintenance costs depending on the nature of the permitThese costs are commonly referred to as “cost estimates” which are typically derived by your engineer, controller or accountant. Once we've agreed on the amount of the cost estimates, you'll have several options for meeting the financial responsibilities under the terms of the permit.

An individual permit application covers one or more of the following categories:

  • Drywell,
  • Industrial,
  • Mining,
  • Wastewater,
  • Solid waste disposal, or
  • Land treatment facility

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What Happens If I Don't Prove Financial Responsibility?

Failure to submit the required proof of financial responsibility may result in your permit not being issued. Operating without a proper permit could lead to an enforcement action. In addition, if a previously submitted financial responsibility mechanism expires or otherwise becomes invalid without proper replacement, an enforcement action may be started.