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What happens when mining operations stop? How will the mine be cleaned up?

If active mining operations temporarily cease, the facility is required to continue to fulfill its environmental permitting obligations:

  • Continuously pump out any water that accumulates in the mine shaft,
  • Maintain all engineering controls as specified in the permits,
  • Continue environmental sampling and testing,
  • Maintain financial assurance, such as bonds, held in reserve by ADEQ and USFS, to fund proper closure in the event the owner is unable to complete proper closure.

When mining operations at the facility are complete, the owner is required by USFS and ADEQ to properly close the mine, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Plugging the mine shaft and sealing off groundwater in the Coconino Formation,
  • Removing all equipment and structures, cleaning the area of operations and re-contouring and vegetating the surface of the property, and
  • Conducting post-closure environmental sampling and testing.

Under a state Individual APP, ADEQ will review the USFS-approved mine closure plan and may require additional conditions and additional financial assurance for APP costs not accounted for in the USFS-approved closure plan.

Where do I find Arizona statutes and rules ADEQ uses for General APPs and Individual APPs?

  • Arizona Revised Statutes | Title 49, The Environment | View > 
  • Arizona Administrative Code | Title 18, Environmental Quality | View >