PRESS RELEASE | Prepare for Severe Weather Hazards During Monsoon Awareness Week, June 13-19

PHOENIX (June 10, 2021) — The National Weather Service is partnering with the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to promote severe weather preparedness. Governor Doug Ducey proclaimed June 13-19 as Monsoon Awareness Week to highlight the importance of being prepared for Arizona’s severe weather and flooding.

The monsoon, which is active mid-June through late September, is associated with afternoon thunderstorms that produce lightning, high winds, and heavy rains. A monsoon thunderstorm can cause hazardous localized flash flooding, and dust storms that reduce visibility and cause unhealthy air quality.

Because monsoon season spans the hottest months of the Arizona summer, it is important to recognize the dangers of extreme heat and the symptoms of heat-related illnesses such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke, and reduce exposure to the sun and heat during peak hours.

This year, the following daily themes will be used during Monsoon Awareness Week:

  • June 13th: Monsoon 101
  • June 14th: Lightning/Flash Flooding
  • June 15th: Downburst Winds
  • June 16th: Hiking/Camping
  • June 17th: Wildfires/Debris Flows
  • June 18th: Boating
  • June 19th: Dust Storms

Know the hazards in your community and where you travel. Get current weather forecasts at, on TV, on the radio or online. Go to and enter your address in the hazard viewer to learn about hazards in your area. View the latest hourly air quality forecasts at