Other Plans

In addition to criteria pollutant plans, the SIPs Section also develops other plans required by the Clean Air Act. These plans are always being improved upon as air quality standards and Arizona’s environment changes.

These plans can also be spurred by special circumstances in which EPA addresses a current national issue like climate change, for instance the Clean Power Plan. Or these plans identify and help alleviate air pollution in protected areas, like Regional Haze Plans. In other instances, Infrastructure SIPs precede criteria pollutant SIPs and demonstrate the rules, laws, control technologies, governmental structure, and capabilities a state has in order to meet air quality standards.

Exceptional Event Mitigation Plan:

Phoenix, Rillito, West Pinal and Yuma PM10 Nonattainment Areas | View >

Vapor Recovery Plan:

2009 Stage II Vapor Recovery Plan | View > 

Startup, Shutdown, Malfunction:

SIP Revision - Startup Shutdown, Malfunction | View >