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Dlubak Glass Co. | Hazardous Waste Site


Dlubak Glass Company
19472 S. Avenue 1E
Yuma, AZ 85365

Discovery Date:

April 2009 

Contaminants of Concern (COCs):

  • Lead from cathode ray tube (CRT) glass (found in older televisions among other items)

Affected Media:

  • Soil 

What Are My Health Risks: 

For Soil | There is little to no risk unless you are directly exposed to the soil via skin or ingestion

Site Summary:  

  • Dlubak processed and stored leaded CRT glass outdoors at Yuma facility
  • There is no offsite soil or groundwater plume at this time

Corrective Action:

  • Under a February 2014 Consent Judgment, Dlubak paid a civil penalty of $120,000 for the CRT glass related violations provided in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • A Consent Order was issued on February 26, 2015, for removal of leaded CRT glass, submittal of a sampling and analysis plan (SAP) and remediation of soil where applicable
  • ​Dlubak removed lead contaminated soils, but did not submit a closure report. Some CRT glass remains at site. Even though Dlubak claims the site is un-leaded and non-hazardous, the company has not done a hazardous waste determination, which requires sampling and testing to show whether or not the lead standard (5mg/l) for toxicity has been exceeded at the site
  • Dlubak is reviewing its records to locate the closure report prepared by its consultants pertaining to the excavation of lead contaminated soil at the site. In the meantime, ADEQ is seeking access to the site to conduct an inspection
  • ADEQ inspected the site and issued a Notice of Violation for Dlubak's failure to comply with the hazardous waste program regulations. During the inspection, ADEQ confirmed the presence of a pile of unknown material at the site, as Dlubak previously indicated. ADEQ is seeking Dlubak's consent to allow the department to collect samples from the pile and other on-site locations of interest 
  • Dlubak removed the pile of material from the Yuma site prior to ADEQ collecting samples. ADEQ and Dlubak are having on-going communications regarding the final disposition of the unknown pile of material, compliance with the February 2015 Consent order, and closure of the facility