VVR Program

Slogan: Save up to $550 on emission-related repairs

Voluntary Vehicle Repair (VVR) Program

Program Details

Voluntary Vehicle Repair (VVR) Program provides owners of eligible vehicles with financial assistance to help offset the cost of repairs needed to pass a failed emissions test. Customer vehicles meeting program requirements and co-pay the first $150 toward repair(s) can receive:

  • up to $550 for gasoline vehicles
  • up to $1000 for heavy duty diesel vehicles 

Does My Vehicle Qualify?

You may qualify if your vehicle:

  • has been registered in Arizona for the last 12 months and has not been unregistered for more than 60 days
  • was manufactured in or before 2007 (12 years or older) 
  • failed emissions test less than 60 days prior to your vehicle registration expiring 
  • is not a motor home, motorcycle, salvage vehicle or a fleet vehicle

See the Full Eligibility Checklist >

Who Does the Repair?

To help get you back on the road faster ADEQ screens auto repair facilities, to ensure you are taking your vehicle to a facility that has a track record of at least 90 percent of all cars serviced pass the emissions re-test the first-time |  Listing of Approved VVR Program Repair Facilities  >