Permit(s) needed for a Petroleum Storage Tank

What is a Petroleum Storage Tank:

The following is a required form when running a Petroleum Storage Tank in Arizona:

 If you have underground storage tank, may need a Notification of UST Form | Learn More >

You may also need all or some of the following permits:

 If you have a boiler + generator, you may need an Air Quality Individual Permit | Learn More > 

 If you have contaminated soil , you may need a Soil Vapor Extraction Units GP | Learn More >

 If you generate special waste, you may need an Application for Special Waste ID Numbers | Learn More >

 If you have hazardous waste to dispose of, you may need an Application for a Hazardous Waste EPA ID Number | Learn More > 

 2.01 GP: Drywells that Drain Areas with Hazardous Substances | Learn More > 

 2.03 GP: Hydrologic Tracer Studies | Learn More > 

 3.01 GP: Lined Impoundments | Learn More > 

 If you discharge water pollutants, you may need an Individual APP | Learn More > 

 If you have a drywell, you may need a Drywell Registration | Learn More >