UST Plan Reviews

As of Feb. 1, 2017, ADEQ has taken over plan reviews for installation, modification and decommissioning of underground storage tanks (USTs). UST Plan reviews help ensure that work performed on UST systems meets regulatory and compatibility requirements and is done in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes1  and Arizona Administrative Code.2 

What Do I Need to Submit for a UST Plan Review?

To submit a plan for review:

  1. Complete the appropriate UST Plan Review Form.
  2. Include a site map as described in the Guidelines for UST Plan Review Submittals.
  3. Email the completed form and all attachments to
  4. Once you receive plan review approval, schedule an inspection by emailing five days in advance to allow time to coordinate the inspectors schedules.

Guidelines for UST Plan Review Submittals | Download >
UST Plan Review Form – Installation/Modification | Download (Word) >
UST Plan Review Form – Emergency Repair | Download (Word) >
UST Plan Review Form – Closure/Removal | Download (Word) >

Is There a Fee for the UST Plan Review?

Currently, ADEQ does not have authority to charge for UST plan reviews but is investigating regulatory options for assessing fees. In the meantime, ADEQ will conduct UST plan reviews free of charge and track administrative costs to determine if a fee will be necessary to sustain personnel resources dedicated to this service.