Permit(s) needed for a Septage Hauler

A septage hauler is transportation of septage may require registration with the department. Septage includes sewage or human excreta that is removed from septic tanks or other onsite wastewater treatment facilities. These regulations help protect public health and safety by ensuring that these types of waste are managed and disposed of properly.

The following may required registration when running a Septage Hauler in Arizona:

 If you need to dispose, store, or collect sewage, you may need a Septage Hauler Registration | Learn More > 

You may also need all or some of the following permits:

 Type 2 (Class A to C) Reclaimed Water GP for Direct Reuse of Reclaimed Water | Learn More > 

 3.05 GP: Disposal Wetlands | Learn More > 

 3.07 GP: Tertiary Treatment Wetlands | Learn More >