Eligibility | Tank Site Improvement Program

The following list describes site improvements that are eligible for reimbursement under ADEQ's Tank Site Improvement Program.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) System Replacement

Ensure UST systems comply with standards for new installations and include the replacement of system components.

Examples of costs eligible for reimbursement:

  • Installation of a new UST system to replace a UST system that was removed (includes tanks, piping, under-dispenser containment, leak detection, etc.)
  • Installation of under-dispenser containment for USTs that are double walled tanks and piping

Examples of costs ineligible for reimbursement:

  • UST system upgrades that will not result in the system meeting new UST installation standards (for example, lining the interior of UST systems)1
  • Installation of dispensers, which are not considered part of the UST system
  • New sites (sites that do not have USTs) where there would be no environmental risk reduction

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Baseline Assessment

Baseline assessments are investigations of likely release areas to identify contamination and determine whether the operating UST system may be leaking. They involve the collection of environmental samples, a professional registrant’s interpretation regarding confirmation of a previously unknown release and an evaluation of potential risk.2 If a new release is identified, there must be an evaluation of whether the current UST system may be an ongoing source of contamination. This information may be useful to an owner or operator who is looking to reset the retroactive date for their UST insurance coverage.

Examples of costs eligible for reimbursement:

  • Collection of environmental samples (such as soil or groundwater)
  • UST tightness testing if an unknown release is identified

Examples of costs ineligible for reimbursement:

  • Costs incurred before the date of ADEQ approval
  • Costs not previously identified and approved
  • All undocumented work activities

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UST Removal

Older systems may have greater potential to leak. Removing these systems from the ground provides an opportunity to identify potential areas of contamination and improve leak prevention by replacing with a new UST that meets current industry standards.

Examples of costs eligible for reimbursement:

  • Removal of UST systems from the ground
  • Environmental sampling required for site assessment

Examples of costs ineligible for reimbursement:

  • In-place abandonment of a UST (in-place tank closure)
  • Permanent closure of tanks not regulated by ADEQ’s UST program (such as above-ground storage tanks or vaulted USTs)
  • Partial permanent closure of the UST system (e.g., permanent closure of the tanks but not the piping)
  • Removal or replacement of canopy

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Confirmation of a Suspected Release

Investigation to determine whether or not there has been a release to the environment. The more quickly a leak is identified, the less the contamination spreads and the less costly it should be to clean up.

Example of costs eligible for reimbursement:

  • Environmental sampling (“site check”) activities

Example of costs ineligible for reimbursement:

  • UST system/equipment testing

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