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Superior Soil Study Area | VRP Site


Multiple sites in Superior, AZ

Acceptance Into Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP):

December 14, 2016

Contaminants of Concern (COCs):

Metals from historic mine smelter activities

Affected Media:


What Are My Health Risks?

For Soil | There is little to no health risk unless there is contact with skin or ingestion of contaminated soil.

Site Summary:

  • Smelter emissions study
  • Limited initial site characterization activities completed in June 2018
  • An initial investigation report, including a preliminary risk evaluation, was submitted to ADEQ in July 2018. ADEQ and the Volunteer communicated throughout the fourth quarter of 2018 to evaluate path-forward options for the risk evaluation
  • The Volunteer has been working in close cooperation with ADEQ in 2019 to develop a comprehensive risk assessment work plan for submittal, which will define the methodologies to establish risk-based criteria
  • ADEQ and the Volunteer met on September 10, 2019 to discuss the forthcoming submittal of the risk assessment work plan, the background study work plan, and the investigation work plan. These documents were submitted mid-September and a follow-up meeting was held in October. Comments were issued in November 2019 and monthly update calls continue through the second quarter of 2020
  • ADEQ received a revised Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) Work Plan in March 2020 and approved the HHRA Work Plan on April 21, 2020
  • ADEQ and BHP are working cooperatively to develop a background study methodology to incorporate with a final HHRA to produce site-specific soil remediation levels. The next technical calls are scheduled for October 20, November 12, and November 19, 2020