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MP | Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program

Community Outreach

Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program (VESP)

Revised On: Dec. 22, 2023 - 9:00 a.m.

The Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program (VESP) recognizes and awards incentives to Arizona businesses and other organizations that have a good history of environmental compliance and strive to go beyond what is legally required to protect public health and the environment. Participants in the program can access tools and strategies that support their existing environmental programs and find opportunities to further reduce costs and spur innovation. 

Why Should You Join?

Numerous incentives are available to organizations participating in ADEQ’s Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program:

  • ADEQ’s public recognition of your organization’s stewardship commitment
  • Reduced inspection frequency
  • Coordination of multiple onsite inspections
  • Reduced reporting requirements
  • Advance notification of inspections and enforcement rulings

How Does My Business Apply For VESP?

Collaborate on environmental quality issues and support our mission to protect and enhance public health and the environment by participating in VESP today. Organizations and businesses can join VESP for free | Apply > *

Know someone making a difference for our Arizona environment? Nominate them for VESP:

ADEQ encourages Arizonans to actively participate in VESP by nominating individuals, companies, or organizations in their local community who are making remarkable contributions to Arizona's environment. To nominate an individual, business or other organization for VESP consideration, simply email the following information | Email > 

  • Your Name and Contact Information
  • Nominee Name and Contact Information
    • Provide the full name and contact details of the individual, business, or organization you are nominating.
  • Reason for Your Nomination
    • Briefly share the reasons behind your nomination. Highlight the nominee's significant environmental achievements or stewardship efforts.
  • Additional Supporting Information
    •  Attach any relevant website links, documents, photos, or other materials that support your nomination.

Recognition Levels 

There are five levels of recognition (from Copper to Platinum) that an organization can earn based on environmental achievements. An additional designation of "Superior Compliance History" is available to regulated facilities that have not had an environmental violation within three years of application and while a member of the VESP. The five levels are as follows: 

Copper — This is a one-time recognition issued annually for partnerships, collaborations, or regulated facilities that have completed a project that resulted in measurable improvements to the environment.

Bronze — Three-year recognition available to regulated facilities that don't have any violations on record with any environmental regulatory agency within the past three years. Recipients must maintain this compliance record while a member of the program.

Silver — Three-year recognition available to organizations that have made a measurable environmental improvement and commit to measuring continuous improvement while a member of the program.

Gold - Three-year recognition available to organizations that have met the Silver Level standard and committed to developing and maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) within three years of membership in the program.

Platinum — Three-year recognition available to any facility or organization that has met the Gold Level standard, has a functioning EMS with at least one fully completed audited EMS cycle, and commits to community outreach.

VESP Members by Level: 

ADOT's Volunteer Adopt A Highway — June 2023
For Arizona's Adopt A Highway Volunteer program that began in 1988 under Arizona Governor Rose Mofford. The program’s participation has grown from 100 organizations in the first two years to more than 1,100 volunteer groups in 2023, cleaning almost 2,000 miles of landscape along state highways.

Aravaipa Running — August 2019
Integrated recycling and reuse measures into race events.  For example, reusable cups are used at the hydration stations instead of single-use cups that end up discarded after each race.

Amici Catering — August 2020

Babbott Homebuilder (Flagstaff) — July 2023
For building a one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 600-square-foot house using construction-grade building blocks made from 2 tons of unrecyclable plastics, as part of a 2019 county program with the goal of encouraging innovation in building across northern Arizona.

Brighten the Path — May 2022
For ongoing volunteer efforts conducting litter pickup events to protect and enhance public health and the environment in the City of Benson.

ByFusion Company — July 2023
For their innovation in creating ByBlocks using recycled plastics that are otherwise not generally recyclable.

Chino Valley Town Complex — August 2022

City of Tempe — Tempe Grease Cooperative — June 2015
An innovative partnership between the City of Tempe and its restaurants to better manage fats, oils and grease.

City of Tucson Council Member Kozachik — July 2023
For piloting a plastic diversion program by partnering with the start-up company ByFusion, which creates construction-grade blocks from unrecyclable plastics. The initial pilot project in August of 2022 collected more than 88 tons of plastic waste, with plans to expand the program citywide.

City of Tucson's Environmental and General Services Department Zero Waste Event — December 2022
For organizing a free zero waste collection drive for Tucson and the surrounding areas, as part of a community collaboration to provide a resource for local households looking to safely and responsibly reuse and recycle their commonly used goods. This collaboration is made possible through the support of Pima County Environmental Quality, Tucson Clean and Beautiful, City of Tucson General and Environmental Services, Goodwill of Southern Arizona, and Mrs. Green’s World.

El Charro Hipster — August 2019
Eliminated the need for dishwashing energy/water by sending dirty compostable plates to compost.

Escuela Manzo Elementary School — August 2019
Maintains a gardening program in the school curriculum that includes a community garden and rain-catching systems.

Farms CSA — August 2020

Friends of the Santa Cruz River (FOSCR) — June 2023
For educating and advocating with passion for the Santa Cruz River, conducting numerous trash cleanups and partnering with ADEQ on the Community Science program, collecting more than 1,200 water quality records to help monitor the health of our waters, and informing measures to protect our waters for future generations.

Gila Watershed Partnership of Arizona — June 2022
For hosting San Francisco River Cleanup Events, removing trash to protect and enhance the San Francisco River.

Growly — August 2020

Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership (GFFP), Campbell Global, Dakota Logging, and Northern Arizona Healthcare — September 2022
In completing the 2021 Healthy Forest Initiative Grant Program awarded to Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership by the Arizona Department of Forestry & Fire Management. This grant program in partnership with Campbell Global, Dakota Logging, and Northern Arizona Healthcare improves forest health by reducing hazardous fuels, thereby mitigating severe wildfire risk to infrastructure components that are essential to Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff.

Hotel Congress — August 2019
Recognized for their commitment to sustainability and conservation. For example, eco-friendly technology installed at the hotel has saved over 1.5 million gallons of water since 2007.

Keith and Pam Webb — February 2018
Started a paper recycling program in Southern Navajo County, diverting from area landfills four tons of mixed waste paper per week, or approximately 1,000 tons from 2012 – 2017.

Larson Waste Inc. — February 2018
Provided assistance to Keith and Pam Webb with a paper recycling program.

Lone Cactus Egg Farm — Rose Acre Farms — January 2023
Nominated by the Bouse community to recognize the great corporate citizenship of Lone Cactus Egg Farm for their outstanding accommodation to contain odors from their large chicken farm, as well as, for proactively communicating with the community about operational changes that may affect them.

Mesa High School — June 2016
Created a natural Sonoran desert ecosystem and outdoor classroom where students, faculty and community can learn about indigenous flora and fauna, local geologic characteristics, and our relationship with the sun.

Organic Hair Lab — August 2019
Partners with a business that takes excess hair coloring products, used foils, and hair clippings to be recycled or repurposed. They also use low-flow shower heads, Energy Star-certified equipment, and repurposed furniture.

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company — January 2022
Cleaned up 270 pounds of trash at Bartlett Lake.

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality — Automated Consumer Confidence Reporting — May 2023
For developing a tool that shortens review time and improves the accuracy creating and evaluating Consumer Confidence Reports required by community public water systems.

Pinnacle Presbyterian Church — August 2019
Used a community art project to divert landfill/recycling waste.

Prescott Creeks Preservation Association & City of Prescott/Yavapai County — May 2022
For cleaning up a total of 51.7 tons of trash to protect and enhance public health and the environment with 7045 community volunteers working together to achieve a common goal (2007-2022).

Salt River Project Coronado Generating Station — October 2017
Sponsored a free household hazardous waste collection event for residents of St. Johns, Arizona.

Santa Cruz Shining AZ — May 2023
For educating the residents and businesses of Santa Cruz County about the benefits of living in a pollution-free environment and for providing resources for cleanups with a focus on the Santa Cruz River ecosystem, such as the cleanup of a small portion of the river that involved 120 volunteers working for more than four hours to remove 110 tires, a refrigerator and other waste, filling around 300 trash bags.

Save the World Compost — March 2023
For a group of 5 youths that created and are operating a composting program for their neighborhood. The program benefits the environment by diverting materials from landfills, which also reduces landfill methane releases.

Sequoia Village School — April 2015
Recognized as an Arizona Environmentally Healthy School and implemented all recommendations of the Source Water Protection Plan for the school's drinking water system.

Solana Generating Station — September 2020
Acquired used concrete that would have otherwise been sent to landfill and applied it onsite to secure retention basins, preventing erosion.

Solana Generating Station — September 2020
For sustaining a recycling project including cans, plastic bottles, scrap metal and cardboard. The cans and bottles are donated to the local school in Gila Bend and the school uses the proceeds to fund programs.

Solana Generating Station — June 2021 
Replacement of more than 97 percent of our fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs throughout Solana’s facility. More than 200 pounds of old fluorescent lights have been sent to the Waste Management LampTracker.

Solana ISO 14001 — December 2022
For receiving ISO certification in 14001 as part of a voluntary effort to remain a leader in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Sustainability, and tracking of environmental aspects and impacts.

Solid Waste Clean-up Near the Colorado River — October 2022
For the Yuma County’s Sheriff's Office initiating a clean-up near the Colorado River, in collaboration with the Department of Development Services, who helped in organizing this event and Public Works who provided heavy equipment to properly dispose of the waste. Resources and funding were provided by Yuma Catholic High School (5 coaches and 37 student volunteers) and other local, state and federal agencies, and public/private sectors. This voluntary effort resulted in the collection of 11 tons of illegal waste, 22 tires, and 4 appliances.

Sonoran Institute — June 2023
For their work on continued restoration, education and advocacy for the Santa Cruz River through research, publications and regional events that connect people and communities with the natural resources that nourish and sustain them.

Sun Tran — October 2022
Sun Tran was the first public transportation system in Arizona to launch electric buses in 2021 and will receive a $12M Federal Transit Administration Low or No Emissions Grant for 19 electric vehicles and 10 charging stations to expand their electric fleet.

Sportsman’s Warehouse — June 2022
For Wildcat Cleanup Event at the Porter Mountain Cinder Pit, clearing bulk trash to fill a 30 yard roll off container.

SRP Coronado Generating Station — September 2019
Volunteered to assist ADEQ with removing unused magnesium chloride illegally abandoned on ranching property, thus expediting cleanup and reducing waste generation by finding a productive use for the material.

SRP Shade Tree Program — November 2022
For distributing desert-adapted shade trees to customers, helping improve air quality.

Stardust Building Supplies — August 2019
For providing sustainable construction and deconstruction services through reuse of salvaged or donated materials.

Stryker Sustainability Solutions — August 2020

TEP Trees for You — November 2022
For work distributing more than 152,000 shade trees across metropolitan Tucson since 1992, helping communities save energy and beautify their neighborhoods.

TEP — Operation Certifications (Springerville Plant) — March 2023
For Tucson Electric Power’s significant in-kind contribution to elevating  Northeastern Arizona water/wastewater operators by providing local resources, such as a week-long trainer and meals at no cost to attendees, and working with Gateway Community College to administer testing at their power plant.

Town of Marana — June 2021
Marana Water Treatment Campuses for PFAS and 1,4-dioxane.

Treasures 4 Teachers — August 2019
Recognized for school supply reuse program.

Tucson Electric Power Springerville Generating Station — October 2017
Sponsored a free household hazardous waste collection event for residents of Springerville and Eagar, Arizona.

Tucson Million Trees Initiative — November 2022
For working to plant one million trees by 2030 to increase the city’s tree canopy and enhance the environment.

Wholesum Harvest — August 2019
Developed sustainable organic farming practices. Some examples include efficient water usage with recirculation up to three times at a 40 percent recirculation rate and controlled environment barriers that are used to keep out unwanted pests/bugs instead of using chemicals.

ABC Nissan — Joined July 2019; Renewed May 2021

ACT Enviro — Joined February 2023

ADOT — Equipment Services — Joined July 2021

Advanced Material — Joined February 2023

Advanced Septic Services LLC — Joined February 2023

Air Products & Chemicals Inc — Joined March 2023

Alsco Uniforms — Joined October 2022

Ajo Improvement Company — Joined April 2023

Ajo Landfill — Joined September 2021

Anthem Water Campus — Joined February 2019; Renewed February 2022

Apache Facility — Joined July 2023

Apache Generating Station — Joined October 2022

Apache Water Production Facility — Joined August 2019

Apex – Cemex — Joined July 2022

APS Fairview Generating — Joined October 2022

APS - Marine Corps Air Station — Joined October 2022

Arizona Flexible Packaging — Joined February 2022

Arizona General Engineering — Joined January 2023

Arizona Nut Company — Joined June 2021

Arizona Office — Joined February 2022

Arizona Water Company - Bisbee — Joined January 2023

Arizona Water Company – Miami Claypool — Joined April 2023

Arizona Water Company - Pinetop Lakes — Joined January 2023

Arizona Water Company - Sierra Vista — Joined April 2023

Arizona Water Company - Winkelman — Joined April 2023

Arrowhead BMW — Joined January 2023

Arrowhead Honda — Joined January 2023

Atlas Logistics — Joined March 2023

Audi North Scottsdale — Joined December 2022

Auto Action — Joined November 2022

AutoNation Chevrolet Arrowhead — Joined July 2021

AutoNation Honda Tucson Auto Mall — Joined July 2019; Renewed August 2022

AutoNation Nissan Tempe — Joined November 2022

AutoNation USA Phoenix — Joined June 2023

AutoNation USA Phoenix-Avondale — Joined June 2023

Auto Solutions — Joined December 2020

Avondale Nissan — Joined October 2022

Avondale Toyota — Joined November 2022

AZG&F Page Springs Hatchery — Joined February 2018; Renewed May 2021

AZ Waste Oil Service, LLC — Joined May 2022

Badger Creek Waste Collection Area — Joined June 2023

BAE Systems — Joined February 2023

Bearizona Public Water System — Joined November 2022

Beaver Dam DWID — Joined October 2018

Bella Vista Water South — Joined April 2023

Bella Vista City Water System — Joined June 2023

Bell Ford Emission Testing — Joined February 2023

Bell Honda — Joined October 2018; Renewed February 2022

Bell Honda — Joined July 2020

Bell Road Toyota — Joined May 2022

Best Auto — Joined July 2023

B&G Auto Sales — Joined August 2022

BHVT Motors LLC — Joined November 2018

Big 3 Automart Superstore — Joined August 2020

Bisbee Transfer Station — Joined May 2023

Blue Solid Waste Transfer Station — Joined August 2022

BMW North Scottsdale — Joined February 2022

Boeing Company — Joined May 2018; Renewed February 2022

Buckhead Mesa Landfill — Joined February 2018; Renewed May 2021

Butterfield Landfill Station — Joined November 2018; Renewed February 2022

Cactus Transport — Joined February 2022

Camelback Toyota — Joined August 2021

Camp Verde Transfer Station — Joined November 2018; Renewed August 2022

Caravan Oasis RV Park — Joined June 2023

Cedar Hills — Joined December 2021

CEMEX Maricopa County — Joined July 2023

CEMEX Pima County — Joined July 2023

CEMEX USA1 — Joined July 2023

Central Buckeye Wastewater Treatment Plant — Joined February 2023

Centurion Medical Products — Joined December 2021

Chapman Collision Center — Joined August 2021

Chapman Ford — Joined November 2022

Chapman Honda — Joined December 2021

Chapman Value Center — Joined February 2021

Chaparral Motel and Mini-Mart — Joined April 2022

Cholla Generating Station — Joined June 2022

Cholla Generating Station - Fly Ash Handling — Joined November 2022

Cibola Transfer Station — Joined May 2023

City of Avondale – Water Reclamation Facility — Joined October 2022

City of Benson — WWTF — Joined August 2017

City of Chandler – Municipal Water Department — Joined September 2021

City of Chandler - Solid Waste Transfer Station — Joined September 2021

City of Chandler - WWTP — Joined September 2021

City of Cottonwood — WWTF — Joined August 2017

City of Flagstaff – Household Hazardous Waste Facility — Joined March 2023

City of Flagstaff – Wildcat Hill WWTP — Joined June 2021

City of Glendale - Waste Tire Collection System — Joined June 2023

City of Goodyear – Corgett Wash WRF — Joined February 2023

City of Holbrook Solid Waste — Joined July 2023

City of Kingman Diagonal Wash Sewer Interceptor — Joined April 2023

City of Kingman – Hilltop WWTP — Joined January 2022

City of Mesa - Fire Department — Joined March 2019; Renewed May 2022

City of Mesa - Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant — Joined October 2020

City of Mesa - Southeast Water Reclamation Plant — Joined February 2018

City of Page Municipal Solid Waste Landfill — Joined June 2023

City of Peoria – Butler Drive WRF — Joined February 2023

City of Phoenix - Fire Operations Center — Joined July 2019; Renewed May 2022

City of Prescott Regional Airport  — Joined May 2022

City of Safford - Gila — Joined July 2022

City of Saint Johns — Joined August 2019; Renewed August 2022

City of Tombstone – Transfer Station — Joined July 2023

City of Tucson Price Service Center — Joined February 2022

City of Tucson Water System — Joined August 2017; Renewed May 2021

City of Winslow Transfer Station — Joined July 2022

Coca-Cola Bottling Facility — Joined February 2022

Cochise County Regional Landfill — Joined December 2021

Community Water Company of Green Valley — Joined April 2023

Congress Transfer Station — Joined July 2022

Cottonwood Transfer Station — Joined February 2022

Copper Mountain Landfill — Joined November 2018; Renewed February 2022

Coronado Generating Plant – Solid Waste Landfill — Joined June 2023

Coulter Infiniti — Joined June 2022

Country Store — Joined February 2019; Renewed February 2022

Courtesy Chevrolet — Joined August 2019; Renewed August 2022

Cross Hill Material Source — Joined December 2021

Crosscut Facility — Joined January 2022

Croycroft Auto Sales  — Joined November 2021

Deer Valley High School — Joined March 2022

Desert Gas, LP — Joined August 2020

DPE Materials -  Blaisdell Facility — Joined May 2023

East Valley Nissan — Joined March 2022

El Paso Natural Gas Company - Wenden Compressor Station - LaPaz County — Joined February 2022

Emerald Canyon Golf Course — Joined March 2023

Fast Auto LLC — Joined March 2022

Flagstaff Medical Center — Joined July 2022

Frito Lay — Joined September 2021

  • Casa Grande Facility
  • Phoenix Facility
  • Vehicle Emissions Compliance

Freeway Chevrolet — Joined January 2022

Ford Lincoln Mercury — Joined October 2021

Fort Thomas Solid Waste Transfer Station — Joined November 2021

Earnhardt Cadillac of Scottsdale — Joined September 2020

Earnhardt North Scottsdale Hyundai — Joined September 2020

El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C. — Joined March 2021

  • Alamo Lake Compressor Station
  • Bowie Compressor Station
  • Castle Dome Compressor Station
  • Dutch Flat Compressor Station
  • Flagstaff Compressor Station
  • Hackberry Compressor Station
  • Mojave Topock Compressor Station
  • San Simon Compressor Station
  • Willcox Compressor Station
  • Williams Compressor Station

Heber Overgaard Fire District — Joined July 2023

Heritage Environmental Service — Joined November 2021

Humbolt Water System — Joined December 2022

Ina Road Transfer Station — Joined September 2022

International Paper — Joined March 2023

JD Byrider — Joined September 2021

Jim Click Automotive Team — Tucson — Joined October 2018; Renewed February 2022

Jim Click — Joined May 2023

  • Ford
  • Lincoln
  • Mercury
  • Nissan

Jomax WRF — Joined February 2023

Kalamazoo Materials Incorporated - Chloride Quarry — Joined December 2020

Kingman Transfer Station — Joined August 2019; Renewed August 2022

Kitchell Contractors, Inc of Arizona - MIHS - RSVT Parking Lot — Joined November 2021

Knauf Insulation Inc — Joined January 2023

L3-Communications — Joined May 2018

Larry H Miller Dodge RAM Tucson — Joined June 2023

Larry H Miller Hyundai — Joined June 2022

Laguna Mobile Home and RV Park — Joined October 2021

Lifted Trucks  — Joined January 2022

Litchfield Park Service - Palm Valley WRF - 815 — Joined January 2018

Lone Cactus Egg Farm – Rose Acre Farms — Joined February 2023

Los Reales Landfill — Joined May 2023

Maricopa County Transfer Stations — Joined March 2019

  • Aguila
  • Cave Creek
  • Hassayampa
  • New River
  • Morristown
  • Rainbow Valley

Maricopa County Waste Tire Collection — Joined March 2019

  • Aguila
  • Cave Creek
  • Hassayampa
  • New River
  • Morristown
  • Rainbow Valley

Mayer Transfer Station — Joined May 2022

Meteor Crater Gas Station — Joined August 2018; Renewed November 2021

Mesa Unified School District - Maintenance Facility — Joined March 2023

Mission Linen Supply — Joined July 2022

Musket — Joined March 2022

  • Kingman Terminal 
  • Winslow Terminal 

NAU Composting — Joined September 2020

North Gila Valley Transfer Station and WTCS — Joined May 2023

Northern Arizona VA Healthcare System — Joined July 2018; Renewed February 2022

Northern Gila American Gulch — Joined February 2019; Renewed February 2022

Novo Power, LLC — Joined December 2020

O'Rielly Chevrolet — Joined February 2021

Page Concrete — Joined May 2022

Page Fire Department — Joined July 2023

Painted Desert Landfill — Joined February 2022

Paulden Transfer Station — Joined September 2021

Payson Transfer Station — Joined May 2023

Pima County Augua Nueva WRF — Joined August 2017

Pima County Fleet Services — Joined August 2017; Renewed February 2022

Pima County Tres Rios WWRF — Joined August 2017

Phoenix Cement — Joined December 2021

Printpack, Inc.  — Joined June 2022

Pure Wafer Inc. — Joined March 2022

Quebedeaux Buick – GMC — Joined January 2023

QuikTrip (#400) — Joined October 2022

QuikTrip (#404) — Joined November 2022

QuikTrip (#407) — Joined November 2022

QuikTrip (#409) — Joined December 2022

QuikTrip (#411) — Joined December 2022

QuikTrip (#423) — Joined April 2023

QuikTrip (#449) — Joined January 2023

QuikTrip (#472) — Joined January 2023

QuikTrip (#488) — Joined February 2023

QuikTrip (#1401) — Joined April 2023

QuikTrip (#1461) — Joined February 2023

QuikTrip (#1483) — Joined March 2023

Qwest Corporation — Joined August 2022

Rio Salado Pit — Joined August 2021

Rock Solid Auto Center — Joined June 2022

Robert Horne Ford — Joined August 2019; Renewed August 2022

Rogers Corporation — Joined May 2018; Renewed February 2022

  • Chandler/Dobson
  • Roosevelt

Round Valley Transfer Station — Joined May 2023

Salt River Project - Coronado Generating Plant — Joined January 2022 

Salt River Project – East Valley Garage — Joined January 2022

Salt River Project – West Valley Garage — Joined January 2022

Sands Chevrolet — Joined April 2023

San Tan Ford — Joined December 2021

San Tan Hyundai — Joined December 2021

Skull Valley Solid Waste Transfer Station — Joined May 2023

Shutterfly Inc — Joined May 2018; Renewed February 2022

Springerville Generating Station — Joined August 2017

Stockton Hill Farms — Joined February 2021

Sturm Ruger & Company, Inc. — Joined December 2020

Suburban Transfer Station (Allied Waste Yuma) — Joined September 2021

Sundog Transfer Station — Joined August 2018; Renewed November 2021

Sun Tran — Joined September 2022

Swift Travel Center — Joined July 2021

TEXACO — Joined April 2022

  • #60-349-1000
  • #60-349-0339
  • #60-349 0332

Thermo Fluids, Inc. — Joined March 2022

Thoroughbred Nissan — Joined October 2018; Renewed February 2022

Thunderbird Farms — Joined Otober 2021

Town of Gilbert Fleet Services — Joined February 2021

Town of Marana Water — Joined September 2022

Town of Patagonia – WWTP — Joined April 2022

Town of Pinetop - Lakeside Transfer Station — Joined March 2023

Town of Prescott Valley — Joined April 2022

Town of Springerville Water System — Joined June 2023

Transwestern Pipeline – Flagstaff Compressor Station — Joined April 2023

Transwestern Pipeline - Kingman Compressor — Joined December 2020

Truck Stop Inc. — Joined November 2022

Truxton Canyon Water Company — Joined September 2021

Tucson Electric Power – Maintenance Facility — Joined February 2023

Tucson Electric Power - Springerville Generating Station — Joined June 2022

Twin Lakes Golf Course - City of Wilcox — Joined November 2021

USAF – Davis Monthan AFB - 355 — Joined November 2022

USDA Forest Service - Apache-Sitgreaves NF - Black Mesa Ranger District — Joined July 2022

USDOI NPS - Petrified Forest National Park — Joined February 2021

USPS - Vehicle Maintenance Garage — Joined June 2022

Valencia Power Plant — Joined June 2021

Valle Verde Water Co East — Renewed May 2021

Vernon Fire District Station 25 — Joined October 2022

Vernon DWID — Joined December 2022

Vernon Valley Water — Joined December 2022

Wagon Wheel Rolloffs, LLC — Joined July 2022

Waste Management – Elwood Hauling — Joined June 2021

Waste Management of Tucson — Joined December 2021

Waste Management – Residential — Joined June 2021

Watson Chevrolet — Joined February 2019; Renewed February 2022

White Tank Transfer Station — Joined July 2021

Williams Transfer Station — Joined August 2019; Renewed August 2022

Yavapai Water Company (formerly Aubrey Water Company) — Joined July 2020; Renewed July 2023

Yuco Gin, Inc II — Joined June 2021

Yuma Cogeneration Associates — Joined December 2020; Renewed June 2022

Yuma County Water Users Association — Joined June 2021



Arizona Proving Ground * — Joined July 2017

City of Show Low — Joined August 2015

City of Tempe - Tempe Grease Cooperative — Joined August 2016

City of Yuma — Mainstreet Water Treatment Plant — Joined March 2017

Ford Proving Grounds — Joined June 2017

Town of Eagar * — Joined February 2015

Town of Marana Voluntary Monitoring for PFAS— Joined December 2022

Town of Springerville *— Joined December 2015

* These facilities have earned the "Superior Compliance History" designation.


BAE Systems — Joined April 5, 2017

Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma — Joined August 2020


Rio Rico RM Plant & Aggregates — Joined October 2016; Renewed April 2022

Coolidge RM Plant & Aggregates — Joined July 2016

Diablo Aggregate Plant — Joined April 2022

New River Plant — Joined April 2022

Orange Grove Plant * — Joined February 2016; Renewed April 2022

Red Mountain Ready Mix Batch Plant — Joined April 2022

L3 Technologies, Inc. Electron Tube Operation — August 2019; Promoted to Platinum — April 2022

* This facility has earned the "Superior Compliance History" designation.


  • Ocotillo Power Plant — Joined February 2015; Renewed April 2022
  • Redhawk Power Plant — Joined July 2016; Renewed April 2021
  • West Phoenix Power Plant — Joined December 2015; Renewed April 2023
  • Yucca Power Plant — Joined August 2017; Renewed April 2022

Bridgestone — Joined August 2022

Central Arizona Project — Joined September 2020

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess — Joined August 2019; Renewed March 2022


  • Morenci Inc. — Joined May 2018; Renewed July 2022
  • Bagdad Inc. — Joined May 2018; Renewed July 2022
  • Miami Inc. — Joined May 2018; Renewed July 2022
  • Sierrita Inc.* — Joined September 2017; Renewed July 2022
  • Safford Inc.* — Joined August 2016; Renewed July 2022

Honeywell Aerospace*

  • Deer Valley — Joined July 2015
  • Glendale — Joined July 2015
  • Kingman — Joined July 2015
  • Phoenix Engines — Joined July 2015
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor — Joined July 2015 
  • Tempe — Joined July 2015

Intel Corporation

  • Chandler Campus* — Joined October 2021
  • Ocotillo Campus* — Joined February 2016

L3Harris IVS - Tempe* — Promoted from Gold — April 2022

PING Inc.* — Joined February 2015; Renewed September 2021

Solana Generating Station — Joined April 5, 2017

*These facilities have earned the "Superior Compliance History" designation.

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