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UST Financial Responsibility (FR)

Multi-Company Sites

Revised On: Dec. 5, 2023 - 5:00 p.m.

For those that manage multiple USTs owned and/or operated by different companies at a site, all parties should prepare and coordinate submission of financial responsibility in myDEQ, ADEQ's online portal.

This will help prevent possible enforcement action at a site and disruption to regular operations as a result of a single tank's coverage expiring.

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Key items for each owner/operator to have ready for submission:

  • Proof of financial responsibility for their own tank(s)1 | View Mechanism Types > | View/Download myDEQ User Guide >
  • Specific tank number(s) for financial responsibility coverage (not properly selecting tank numbers will result in a submission error)
  • Contact information for all involved parties

Setting up myDEQ user roles:

  • One primary company entity must act as the Responsible Corporate Officer (RCO) in our online portal, myDEQ
  • The RCO can create multiple companies in myDEQ and assign each company one or more Delegated Responsible Officers (DROs)
  • The owner or operator of each individual tank can act as DRO for their tank in myDEQ and submit required documentation
  • If tanks are operated by different entities, but all owned by a single entity, a representative from the owner entity can be added as a DRO to oversee the process as a whole
  • DROs can assign insurance agents or brokers as limited-scope Submitters to submit the required insurance documents, if applicable

Keep in mind:

  • Proof of financial responsibility must be submitted individually for each company
  • If there is already a report in draft status, you must either continue that draft report or delete it before starting a new one
  • Before submitting, review past documentation in myDEQ to avoid duplicative reporting

1 Required by Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 49-1006.01.C | View >