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WPD | Solid Waste - Special Waste

Solid Waste Section

Special Waste

Revised On: Jan. 25, 2024 - 10:30 a.m.

Special Waste is a solid waste,1 other than a hazardous waste, that requires special handling and management to protect public health or the environment.2  The following are designated as special wastes:3

Arizona Special Waste Identification Number

Before shipping or receiving special waste, the following handlers of special waste are required to obtain an Arizona Special Waste Identification Number by filling out and submitting an application to ADEQ:4

  • A special waste generator
  • A special waste shipper/transporter who receives special waste for transport to a special waste receiving facility.
  • A special waste receiving facility

Applications may take five to seven business days for ADEQ to process.

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Special Waste Management Plans

A facility that plans to manage special waste for treatment, storage or disposal is required to apply for and obtain approval from ADEQ. Applications must include the following information:5

  • A complete solid waste facility plan that includes a special waste management plan component that complies with best management practices for each special waste for the portion of the facility engaging in the treatment , storage or disposal of special waste
  • Evidence of compliance with permit filing requirements, if applicable

For general questions regarding management plan requirements or applications, contact Solid Waste Permits | 602-771-4673 | Email>

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