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Resources for Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Owners

Be Septic Smart

Posted on: Sept. 5, 2023 -  5:30 p.m.

What is an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System?

An onsite wastewater treatment (septic) system is used in areas without access to municipal sewer lines. They are typically installed in rural or suburban homes and businesses, and use a combination of natural and technological processes to treat wastewater from bathrooms, showers, kitchen drains and laundry. The system works by separating solid waste from the liquid when the solids settle in the septic tank. The liquid then passes through a series of pipes and chambers where it is filtered/treated and released into a drain field | View Example >

Onsite wastewater treatment systems are also called:

  • Septic systems
  • Conventional septic systems
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment systems
  • Cluster systems
  • Individual sewage disposal systems
  • Private sewage systems
  • Alternative treatment systems

Proper installation and maintenance, including regular inspections, are important to ensure the system functions efficiently, protects public health and the environment, and preserves valuable water resources.

Quick Tip Videos

Think at the Sink

Learn what not to put down your kitchen sink, how to properly dispose of food waste and how to use cleaning supplies in moderation | Watch Video >

Don't Strain Your Drain

Learn about the importance of using water efficiently, staggering water use of water-based appliances and using energy efficient appliances | Watch Video >

Keep It Clean

Learn about the importance of testing your well water, and its relationship to your system | Watch Video >

Shield Your Field

Learn about your system’s drainfield, including how it works and upkeep tips | Watch Video >

Protect It and Inspect It

Learn about a typical onsite wastewater treatment system inspection, how often an inspection should be performed and considerations for advanced systems | Watch Video >

Don't Overload the Commode

Learn about what can be flushed down the toilet, and what should be thrown in the trash | Watch Video >

Pump Your Tank

Learn about a typical tank pump-out service, and how a tank works | Watch Video >

More Resources

For Homeowners
For Rental Properties

Learn more on the EPA website | Visit Site >

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Own a Septic System?

ADEQ wants your input about how you maintain your onsite wastewater treatment (septic) system and any problems you have had. Your feedback is anonymous and will be used to help us improve ADEQ's onsite wastewater treatment program | Take the Questionnaire >