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Maroon Crater Artillery Range | Site History

1948: Arizona Army National Guard (ARNG) acquired a Special Use Permit from the U.S. Forest Service to conduct military training at Maroon Crater.

1948-1950: ARNG artillery training included 105-mm howitzers, 75-mm projectiles, 60-mm and 81-mm mortars, and machine guns. The firing points are unknown for the mortars and machine guns. Historical documents indicate the howitzer firing point was located on the western edge of the MRS and directed east toward an impact point on Maroon Crater.

2008: The site is identified as a Non-Department of Defense, Non-Operational Defense Site (NDNODS) and Munitions Response Site (MRS).

2011: The Preliminary Assessment (PA) was completed.

2012: The Site Inspection (SI) was completed.

2016: The Remedial Investigation (RI) Work Plan was submitted for ADEQ review.

2017: The RI, Feasibility Study (FS), and Proposed Plan (PP) were all finalized.

2018: The Record of Decision (ROD) was finalized.

2020: The Community Relations Plan (CRP) was accepted.