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Community Outreach

ADEQ wants Arizonans to be aware of what is going on in their communities and how they can get involved. This is done by promoting environmental awareness through public activities and providing useful resources such as:


Air Quality in Arizona

ADEQ’s Air Quality Forecasting team provides forecasts for several areas throughout Arizona | View Today's Air Quality Forecast
Flag Program
The Air Quality Flag Program notifies the public of air quality conditions in several areas throughout Arizona. The program encourages behaviors that limit additional emissions of air pollutants, and protects children and other sensitive people from the effects of poor air quality | Learn More > 
Idle Reduction Program
ADEQ and partner school districts will work together to reduce emissions from excessive school bus idling and help improve air quality in Arizona. The Idle Reduction Program includes a toolkit you can download and learn how to launch and maintain an Idle Reduction Program and adopt best practices in your school district | Learn More > 

Adandoned\Unsused Properties

ADEQ recognizes the impact an abandoned or unused property can have on a community, especially when contamination may be complicating reuse of the property. These properties are often abandoned and they can become blights to the community and may attract vandalism and illegal dumping. These properties degrade the environment, depress communities, and may put health at risk. Brownfields redevelopment benefits the community by reducing environmental hazards, creating new business opportunities, increasing tax revenue, and restoring blighted areas to productive use | Learn More > 

Soil Contamination | Declaration of Environmental Use Restriction (DEUR)

The purpose of a DEUR is to ensure that current and future property owners are aware of contamination on a site and take appropriate actions to prevent or mitigate additional contamination. The DEUR remains in effect and is monitored by ADEQ until the property owner demonstrates that the release of the DEUR is appropriate | Learn More >

Small Communities Environmental Compliance Assistance Program

| Learn More >