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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Overview

Waste Programs Division

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Arizona has updated its UST rules to align with those of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The rule updates went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, in the Arizona Administrative Code (AAC). Learn how the updates affect your operations | View Summary | Go to Rule > 

The purpose of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program is to protect public health and the environment from UST releases (i.e., spills, leaks, emissions, etc.) of petroleum and other regulated hazardous substances into groundwater, surface water or soils | Learn More >

UST Operations

Facilities with UST systems have many requirements to make sure they are operating efficiently and in compliance with environmental standards. These requirements include: financial responsibility (FR); operator training; system maintenance, modification and repair; reporting suspected releases; and delivery prohibitions | Learn More >

Leak Prevention (Noncorrective Action)

Leak prevention activities, also known as noncorrective actions, are proactive measures designed to prevent future releases. These include system upgrades, tank removals, baseline assessments and sampling to confirm a release. ADEQ provides financial assistance for these activities to eligible UST owners, operators and property owners | Learn More >

Cleanup (Corrective Action)

The activities necessary to investigate, analyze and conduct cleanup activities are called corrective actions. ADEQ provides compliance assistance and regulatory oversight for UST owners and operators who have had a release from their UST system. ADEQ also assists property owners who voluntarily undertake corrective actions (these activities are often related to property redevelopment). In addition to regulatory and technical support, UST owners, operators and property owners may qualify for financial assistance for these activities | Learn More >

Guidance Documents & Other Resources

In order to assist owners, operators and environmental professionals meet UST regulatory standards, ADEQ has created several guidance documents to provide additional information and support | View >


ADEQ has helped owners, operators and property owners throughout the state prevent leaks and manage cleanups. Read what is being said about ADEQ's UST programs | View Testimonials >