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WQD | Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program

Groundwater Protection Section

Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program

Revised On: March 22, 2024 - 3:30 p.m.

The Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program (formerly known as the Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Program) is responsible for the monitoring and assessment of groundwater quality in aquifers within the State of Arizona, with the exception of Tribal Nation lands. The program objectives include conducting ongoing monitoring of the waters of the state to detect new and existing pollutants, determination of the effectiveness of best management practices/best available demonstrated control technologies, evaluation of the effects of pollutants on public health and the environment, and determination of water quality trends (A.R.S. 49-225).

ADEQ also monitors the presence of pesticides on the Groundwater Protection List in groundwater and soil from routine use of agricultural pesticide active ingredients as part of  the Pesticide Monitoring Program (A.R.S. 49-307) | Learn More >

Importance of Groundwater Testing

An estimated 300,000 or more Arizonans get their drinking water from domestic wells, which, unlike public water supply wells, are not subject to EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act regulatory standards. Statewide monitoring of groundwater conditions is essential for the protection of public health by providing information on aquifer conditions to help water users determine if their well water is meeting safe drinking water quality standards.

More information for well owners:

  • Arizona Well Owner's Guide | View >
  • Private Well Owner's Guide | View >

Data Access

The Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program evaluates groundwater for over 200 potential pollutants. All data are available via the Arizona Water Quality Database and is summarized in Open File Reports.

  • Basin Open File Reports and Fact Sheets | View >
  • Water Quality Data Download | Learn More >
  • Report Water Quality Data | Log In >
  • Request to Become Part of the Monitoring Network | Email > 
  • Copy of Access and Data Use Agreement | View/Download >

Public Participation 

A network of monitoring wells is currently being established. Participation in the Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program monitoring network requires an access and data agreement between the well owner and ADEQ. All water quality results are provided to the well owner at no cost to the participant and include a formal laboratory report from an Arizona Department of Health Services certified laboratory.

Learn how to particpate in ADEQ's Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program, by contacting the Program Coordinator | Email >