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Arizona Water Quality Database Help Center

The Arizona Water Quality Database stores groundwater and surface water quality data collected by ADEQ and more than 100 other reporting agencies.

For Surface Water:
Data includes the water chemistry in streams and lakes as well as fish, macroinvertebrate, algae and habitat details.

For Groundwater:
Data includes water chemistry in wells and springs, along with soil and soil gas information.

Searching the Database

Step 1: To get started searching the Arizona Water Quality Database view our Quick Start User Guide | View Guide >

Step 2: Click on the link "Search Database" to open the database search screen | Search Database >

Contributing to the Database

Authorized users can log into the database's homepage to contribute water quality database | Login >

Authorized User Guides:

  • eAquaPro | Guide to assist with adding data to the database | View/Download >

Submitting Surface Water Quality Data