WQARF- Public Notice | Public Meeting Archives

Publication Date: 04/01/22

PUBLIC NOTICE | Highway 260 and Main Street WQARF Site Feasibility Study Available

Publication Date: 03/29/22

PUBLIC NOTICE | 56th Street and Earll Drive WQARF Site Feasibility Study Available

Publication Date: 03/31/21

PUBLIC NOTICE | 2021 Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) Annual Registry Report Available

Publication Date: 02/07/22

PUBLIC MEETING | 51st Avenue and Camelback Road WQARF Site CAB Meeting

Publication Date: 03/08/22

PUBLIC MEETING | Draft Remedial Investigation Report for ChemResearch Facility at West Van Buren WQARF Site

Publication Date: 12/30/21

PRESS RELEASE | 2021 Year in Review | ADEQ works to protect the environment, public health of all Arizonans

Publication Date: 12/14/21

PUBLIC NOTICE | Final Administrative Settlement Agreements for the Park-Euclid WQARF Site

Publication Date: 11/30/21

PUBLIC MEETING | Bahama Avenue and Bimini Lane WQARF Site Community Informational Meeting

Publication Date: 11/10/21

PUBLIC NOTICE | Record of Decision Available for the 7th Street and Missouri Avenue WQARF Site

Publication Date: 10/18/21

PUBLIC MEETING | Highway 260 and Johnson Lane Community Advisory Board