Strategic Plan

The goals are rigorously evaluated by our performance measures, are supported by our strategies and executed through our projects, talent and budget.

As the diagram depicts, ADEQ’s strategic planning process involves a comprehensive look at the agency’s ecosystem as an organization — an ecosystem that includes a variety of perspectives and demands that influence our mission.

First, we make an honest assessment of our recent history and current reality, including a performance evaluation. We refer to this as the “current state.” The governor’s and the agency’s vision of the state, combined, define the desired “future state.” And it is by analyzing the gap between our current state and future state that we develop the agency’s strategic plan.

In our fiscal year 2019 plan, ADEQ adopted strategic goals to close the gap between current challenges and the future state vision. The number of goals and their simplicity bring clarity to every aspect of the agency’s work, and every ADEQ employee should be able to see how their day-to-day work aligns with the agency’s strategic goals and mission.

In addition to the goals, ADEQ identifies strategies to help overcome challenges that could prevent closing the gap. The strategies are then developed into specific projects. The outcomes associated with our goals, as supported by the strategies and as executed through projects, are measured rigorously by our performance measures. These measures track success through two primary lenses: what our citizens demand and what our customers value.