Environmental Protection at Arizona’s Border (OBEP)

The Office of Border Environmental Protection’s (OBEP) focus is to protect public health and the environment in Arizona border communities. We do so by promoting efforts to deal with environmental problems, to help increase collaboration with other border-focused organizations and to assist other ADEQ programs with specific projects.

We focus on cross-border issues that impact Arizona’s environment and citizens, working in a binational and bicultural setting to promote efforts aimed at improving air quality, waste management and water quality conditions within Arizona’s border communities.

These efforts are supported by ADEQ while working with other organizations such as the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through its U.S./Mexico Border 2020 Environmental Program. The Border 2020 Program includes a regional workgroup that addresses environmental issues along the border, defined in the 1983 La Paz Agreement as a 62.5-mile zone on both sides of the boundary between Arizona and Mexico. The AMC’s Environment and Water Committee develops action plans for projects or activities done in collaboration with the State of Sonora. Progress on action plans are reported to the AMC.

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