ADEQ Confirms Groundwater Quality Now Restored at Three WQARF Sites in Phoenix and Quartzsite

Working with Arizona communities, ADEQ removes three sites from Arizona’s Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) Registry

ADEQ officials announced today that contaminated groundwater at three sites now meets applicable Aquifer Water Quality Standards (AWQSs), allowing their removal from the WQARF Registry. Each of these sites was added to the registry in 1998 due to groundwater contamination.

Tyson Wash, Quartzsite, Ariz.

Working with the local Community Advisory Board (CAB), ADEQ initially implemented a remedy to pump and treat groundwater contaminated with tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE) at the Tyson Wash site, located in a mixed rural, commercial and residential area. Since expected completion of the initial remedy was 2032, ADEQ explored ways to expedite groundwater cleanup and closure. This led to the implementation of an alternative treatment method, called in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), in June 2014. This alternative remedy effectively achieved applicable AWQSs in February 2017, which accelerated the cleanup duration by 15 years and saves an estimated $1.16 million | Learn More >

Quartzsite Town Manager Jim Ferguson said, “We appreciate the assistance that the State of Arizona has given in removing this site from the registry, as it benefits both the quality and availability of the precious water in our desert state and our environment. It has been 19 years of commitment by ADEQ to this effort that has brought it to a successful conclusion and 15 years earlier than anticipated.

East Central Phoenix (ECP) 40th Street and Indian School Road, Phoenix, Ariz.

Located in a mixed commercial and residential area, the ECP 40th Street and Indian School Road site had groundwater contaminated with PCE and TCE. ADEQ worked with the multi-site CAB to thoroughly investigate and monitor groundwater conditions and carefully consider cleanup options. Ongoing monitoring at the site confirmed, in April 2017, that the groundwater meets AWQSs and that no further action is needed | Learn More >

Jolene Morris, current ECP CAB Co-Chair and founding CAB member, said, “The strides made to remedy our current Superfund sites have been remarkable. At all stages of action, from investigation to remediation, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has done everything it could possibly do to keep neighbors informed about the process, progress and conditions of each of these [ECP] sites. The collective dedication of the team and their response to neighborhood concerns is remarkable. They have valued the input of the community, sought opportunities for investigation and information collection, and dedicated resources to provide timely updates. It has been a privilege to be on the Board these many years."

West Central Phoenix (WCP) West Grand Avenue (WGA), Phoenix, Ariz.

Located in an area of mixed industrial and commercial properties with a low-density residential area to the east, the WCP WGA site had groundwater contaminated with TCE. Following a comprehensive site investigation and in-depth consideration of cleanup strategies, with assistance from the multi-site CAB, ADEQ chose a groundwater sampling and monitoring remedy. The remedy demonstrated that groundwater now meets AWQSs and that no further action is necessary | Learn More >

“This is welcome news for the families in our City, who rightfully expect to have safe, clean drinking water available at all times,” said Phoenix Vice Mayor Laura Pastor. “Efforts like this help to fulfill our promise to treat all residents fairly and with respect, and to address residents’ needs, regardless of where they live. I look forward to working with ADEQ to address this important work at other superfund sites within the City."

“Clean drinking water is something we can never take for granted, and I am very pleased at this most recent report,” added Phoenix District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio. “ADEQ has made tremendous progress ensuring everyone in Phoenix has access to safe, clean drinking water now and into the future."

“Salt River Project (SRP) supports ADEQ and the WQARF program and the Agency’s efforts to clean up contamination throughout the Phoenix area,” said SRP Chief Sustainability & Compliance Executive, Kelly Barr. “Groundwater is a valuable resource to SRP, and protecting our wells used for municipal water supply and irrigation is a priority. SRP looks forward to our continued partnership with ADEQ in support of the WQARF program."

“ADEQ’s mission is to protect and enhance Arizona’s unique environment,” said Laura Malone, Director of ADEQ’s Waste Programs Division. “Removing these sites from the WQARF Registry is directly attributable to ADEQ’s commitment to improving our processes in order to accelerate cleanups across the state."


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