PRESS RELEASE | Two Mesa Public Elementary Schools join the ADEQ Air Quality Flag Program to protect the health of their students

PHOENIX (October 22, 2018) – The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) welcomes Mesa Public Schools Lindbergh Elementary and Holmes Elementary to the Air Quality Flag Program. These are the two latest schools to join dozens of others across the state in flying brightly colored flags to raise awareness of air quality conditions within the community. By staying informed, school officials, parents and residents can make choices to protect themselves and children from the impacts air pollution.

“By starting the flag program, I am able to better communicate with school officials when students with asthma should take it easy during outdoor recess or even stay inside,” said Julie Hull, Mesa Public Schools Nurse. “As the nurse, I help children with their inhalers when at school. Since flying the flags this school year, I noticed that some students are not coming to my office as often and needing their inhaler.”

As part of the ADEQ Air Quality Flag Program, a flag will be raised each day matching the colors of the Air Quality Index (AQI). ADEQ issues a daily AQI forecast for the Phoenix area which shows if the air will be polluted with ozone, PM-10 (dust) or PM-2.5 (smoke). By comparing the colored flags to the AQI, residents will know what actions to take to protect their health. Green signals good air quality, yellow is moderate, orange means unhealthy for sensitive groups (like children and people with asthma) and red signals unhealthy air for everyone and outdoor exertion should be limited.

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ADEQ also recently introduced Air Quality Hourly Forecasts for Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and Nogales. These forecasts include pollutants of concern for each specific area and allow Arizona residents and visitors better plan for outdoor activities through the day.

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