PRESS RELEASE | Explore interactive tools to reduce your environmental footprint at home in celebration of the upcoming Earth Day 50th anniversary

PHOENIX (April 6, 2020) ꟷ Later this month the world will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Current events mean many of us will be marking this occasion in our homes, where it is as important as ever to support efforts of environmental stewardship to keep our families healthy and happy. Join the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) in exploring the P2 House, which provides ideas for pollution prevention in our homes.

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From the living room to the garage to the laundry and more, there are ideas, guidance, and even calculators to help you reduce your environmental footprint. And, now that many of us are cooking from home, the ADEQ Food Storage Guide can help you plan how long to keep food in the fridge. With up to 40 percent of food in the U.S. going to waste each year, using the food you have before it goes bad could save your family hundreds of dollars annually. If produce does go bad, start a composting pile to help the plants in your yard or garden flourish, rather than throw it away.

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ADEQ also offers pollution prevention guidance to businesses and organizations. ADEQ’s P2 program saves businesses and organizations money while conserving and protecting Arizona’s natural resources and unique beauty for future generations. Over the course of nearly 30 years, businesses participating in ADEQ’s P2 program have:

  • Conserved nearly 4 billion gallons of water, which is enough water to supply more than 72,000 Arizona households for a year.
  • Saved more than 1 billion kilowatt hours of electrical energy, which is enough energy to power more than 97,000 Arizona households for a year.
  • Prevented creation of more than 876 million gallons of wastewater.
  • Join ADEQ to learn more about the benefits of the P2 program for your business or organization during our webinar on May 20, 2020 | More Information >

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