PRESS RELEASE | ADEQ Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program Helps Record Numbers of Motorists Improve Arizona Air Quality

PHOENIX (Dec. 15, 2021) — ADEQ announced today that the recently revamped Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program (VVRP) has set consecutive records for monthly customer participation and vehicle emissions reductions. For the first two months of the enhanced VVRP, which went into effect on Sept. 29, 2021, ADEQ saw record numbers of vehicles repaired through the program — 197 in October and even more in November, 226. VVRP repairs during these two months saved customers around $295,500 and reduced an estimated 34.4 tons of vehicle emissions.

“VVRP is a win for customers, approved vehicle repair facilities and the quality of the air we breathe,” said ADEQ Air Quality Division Director Daniel Czecholinski. “We’re excited to see that a record number of motorists are taking advantage of the ADEQ Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program, sharing their positive experiences and recommending the program.” 

What Customers are Saying About VVRP:

“I am inspired by the fact that the State of Arizona truly cares about its air quality, especially in heavily-populated urban areas. This program is a financial and budgetary "blessing" to me and many other Arizonans who normally don't have the immediate funds for emissions repairs!” -Paul, Phoenix, AZ

“Simply outstanding program. My vehicle needed its first emissions test but was an automatic fail thanks to a Check Engine Light caused by Pack Rat damage. Using the State program my car was failed; repaired; passed emissions; and registered — all in one week. I absolutely cannot express my total satisfaction and thankfulness. Everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable & patient. Thank you for this program.” -Debbie, New River, AZ

“The process for VVRP was super efficient and easy to use. I loved working with my approved mechanic too, great service and very quick! Would highly recommend.” -Carrie, Tempe, AZ

“The VVRP was easy to use, the shop that did the work was exemplary, and we saved a ton of time, money, and headaches.” -Courtney, Tucson, AZ

“Easy, fast, & efficient! My car was back to emissions in three days!” -Doug, Sun City West, AZ

“This is an exceptionally good program for seniors like myself who are on a limited budget. Also the repair facility I chose took care of putting my car through the process of getting my vehicle emission test passed.”

“When I went to have my emissions test done, everyone there was so helpful and made sure I did everything complete. My mechanic fixed the issue and my truck passed with flying colors. More people need to use this program! Thank you!”

“Easy, thorough process. Outcome was better than I had expected. Was about ready to sell my car ‘as is’, but now, I’m keeping it at least two more years.” 

“Unbelievable opportunity to help with the cost of the repairs and keeping the air clean at the same time.”

VVRP improves Arizona air quality by helping motorists with vehicles that have failed emissions inspection tests offset the costs for emissions-related repairs. From Fiscal Year (FY) 2018, when the program began, through FY2021, VVRP has eliminated an estimated 864 tons of pollutants associated with vehicle emissions by facilitating repair or retrofit of over 6,263 vehicles — the equivalent of eliminating pollution from 22,686 cars. VVRP also has saved participating vehicle owners more than $3.1 million for these emissions-related vehicle repairs.

Recent changes to VVRP expanded the number of vehicles eligible for the program by 22 percent — all vehicles required to take an emissions inspection test in Arizona, regardless of vehicle age, are now eligible | Learn more >


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