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PRESS RELEASE | ADEQ Introduces ‘My Community,’ a New Online Resource for Arizonans and Their Families

PHOENIX (May 16, 2018) -- Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) officials announced today improved procedures for identifying and communicating environmental issues to Arizonans and their families. These improved procedures have resulted in a new section of their website – My Community – where Arizonans can learn about environmental challenges within their communities, as well as efforts to address them.

“My Community strengthens our ability to transparently identify problems and share the scale, scope and progress of ADEQ’s work,” said ADEQ Director Misael Cabrera. “Every state has environmental challenges, what’s different in Arizona is that we are making it easy to see those challenges and what we are doing about them.”

The new procedures and My Community are part of ADEQ’s continuous improvement efforts to identify and resolve issues more effectively and efficiently. ADEQ’s new procedures include:

  • A defined process that informs department leadership of problems within hours of discovery if additional resources are needed to solve the problem,
  • Updating work progress boards tracking each problem, plus the on-going tasks associated with solving that problem and
  • Monthly tracking and reporting of known environmental issues in Arizona through My Community.

My Community was created as a first step in developing a user-friendly interface for Arizonans to quickly learn information about environmental issues in their communities. Detailed information has always been available through public records requests and viewing multiple web pages. With My Community, the public can now quickly click to obtain information and view the latest action being taken.

Visit and click on the My Community tab located on the homepage navigation bar or the website banner at


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