PRESS RELEASE | ADEQ Expands Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program to Improve Air Quality

Key changes will help more Arizonans with emissions-related repairs


PHOENIX (Sept. 29, 2021) – ADEQ announced today key changes to the Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program (VVRP). VVRP helps people with vehicles that have failed emissions inspection tests offset the costs for emissions-related repairs — repairs that reduce vehicle emissions and improve the quality of the air we breathe. More vehicle owners that are required to test emissions in Maricopa, Pima, Pinal and Yavapai counties are now eligible to take advantage of the enhanced program features.

Since Fiscal Year 2018, the VVRP has eliminated an estimated 823 tons of pollutants associated with vehicle emissions by facilitating repair or retrofit of over 5,700 vehicles. VVRP also has saved participating vehicle owners more than $2.79 million for these vehicle repairs.

“Given that vehicle emissions are the primary driver for ozone high pollution in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, expanding the Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program to assist more Arizonans with emissions-related repairs is an important step to improving our air quality,” said ADEQ Air Quality Division Director Daniel Czecholinski. “These changes are a total revamp of the program. Improvements like the lower customer co-pay and increased state funding — up to $900 for participating vehicles — make the program accessible to more vehicle owners as we work together for cleaner air.”

Participating in the VVRP is easy. Vehicles that have failed a required emissions test must meet basic eligibility requirements, including a $100 co-pay.  The State then pays up to an additional $900 toward emissions-related repairs and guarantees that the vehicle will pass a related emissions inspection re-test.

The changes to VVRP expand the number of eligible vehicles by 22 percent — about 6,000 vehicles could be eligible to participate and reduce emissions every month. Key changes to VVRP:

  • Expands eligibility to all vehicles required to take an emissions inspection test, regardless of vehicle age,
  • Lower customer co-pay to $100 —  reduced from $150, and
  • State-funded repair costs increased from $550 to $900.

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