Omnibus Bill SB 1183 Passes, Eliminating and Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burden

ADEQ officials today thank Governor Doug Ducey for signing SB 1183 into law. Sponsored by Senator Griffin, the legislation will reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens, while continuing to promote environmentally responsible economic growth.
In response to Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2015-01, SB 1183 is the next step of ADEQ’s comprehensive evaluation of existing statute and rule to identify and remove, simplify or correct duplicative, contradictory and ambiguous regulatory hurdles. SB 1183 successfully streamlines five statutes, and will also result in the amendment or termination of eight sections of rule from the Arizona Administrative Code, offering tangible benefits to Arizona taxpayers and industry.
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Senator Gail Griffin, R-14 Senate Majority Whip, said today, “I am glad to stand with Governor Ducey and sponsor legislation to update and repeal unnecessary and outdated regulations that burden our economy."
“As we continue to eliminate waste in our processes through our ongoing LEAN transformation, we increase our capacity to do more mission-critical work,” said Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Director Misael Cabrera. “Cutting this waste from our regulations is another step toward more effective government that operates at the speed of business."


SB 1183 highlights:

  • Septage Hauler – Removes redundant regulatory and fiscal burdens from regulated septage haulers by providing ADEQ the authority to eliminate, in rule, duplicative state and county licensing and inspection fees. (ARS §49-104)
  • Dry Well Driller Licensing – Eliminates redundant regulatory oversite from ADEQ for licensure already administered by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. (ARS §49-333)
  • ADEQ Recycling Emblem – Eliminates statutory requirements for rules regarding establishment and use of a state recycling emblem. (ARS §49-833, R18-13-2501)
  • State-owned Hazardous Waste Facilities – Eliminates a duplicative hazardous waste transportation requirement that is already administered under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Department of Transportation. (ARS §49-905)
  • Toxic Substances List – Removes an outdated and contradictory provision related to the federal Toxic Substances List. (ARS §49-968)


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