MEDIA ADVISORY | ADEQ Announces $8,600 Brownfields Grant to the Town of Superior, AZ

ADEQ officials announced today an $8,600 Brownfields Grant award to the Town of Superior to conduct an asbestos survey of the Belmont Hotel building, constructed on Main Street in 1935.

The survey work is set to begin Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017. The Town of Superior intends to conduct remediation and abatement of contaminants based on these survey results and to prepare to make the site available for commercial development.

“The Belmont Hotel is an iconic building to Superior’s downtown, standing in the center of the community and serving as a symbol of the economic challenges that we have faced," says Superior Town Manager Todd Pryor. "Returning this building to usefulness and productivity will serve as a symbol of the Town’s recovery and hope for the future.”

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ADEQ Brownfields Assistance Program (BAP)

Established in 2003, BAP conducts projects through Arizona’s State Response Grant using funds provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. The program has funded more than 70 projects, assisting entities from local governments, schools, hospitals and nonprofits to tribes in completing environmental assessments, cleanup and restoration.

Redeveloping Brownfields has the potential to reduce environmental hazards, mitigate public health threats, create new business opportunities, increase tax revenue and restore habitats and blighted areas to productive use. Program funds are limited and available to eligible applicants in the order that they apply and qualify.

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More Information

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Jennie Curé
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