ADEQ Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program Recognizes New Achievers | Participation Grows to 40

ADEQ officials announced today the addition of nine new participants in the Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program (VESP), bringing the number of organizations demonstrating its value to 40. For ADEQ’s VESP, this is just the beginning – we want to recognize every deserving voluntary effort each Arizona business, municipality, school and non-profit is contributing to enhancing and protecting our communities’ health and environment.

ADEQ’s VESP encourages environmentally responsible economic growth and incentivizes Arizona businesses and other organizations demonstrating effective environmental practices to find more ways they can benefit from these actions, which also protect public health and the environment.

Simple and innovative voluntary actions stimulate VESP participants’ opportunities for less burdensome regulations and achieve positive outcomes for our communities, which deserve recognition. In addition to showcasing VESP participants’ achievements, program benefits can include:

  • Coordination of multiple on-site inspections
  • Reduced reporting requirements
  • Advance notification of inspections and enforcement rulings

"Arizona’s 50th Legislature passed the bipartisan-supported bill establishing the Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program, encouraging ourselves to be ever-forward looking…the essence of which is the very embodiment of VESP," said former Arizona state legislator, Hon. Amanda A. Reeve. "Many Arizona businesses, entities and organizations are invested in the health and responsible economic growth of our community; thus voluntarily endeavor to implement conservation and sustainable measures that go above and beyond environmental law requirements. ADEQ’s VESP recognizes these achievements and encourages continual implementation of innovative environmental stewardship practices. Through the community’s leadership, ADEQ will continue to grow VESP far beyond the already impressive participation of 40 entities."

The VESP awards five levels of recognition (Copper through Platinum) to:


Arizona Public Service
Redhawk Power Plant
Arlington, AZ
July 2016

Intel Corporation
Ocotillo Campus
Chandler, AZ
Feb. 2016

Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
Safford, AZ
Aug. 2016


BrakeMAX -Shop #14
Green Valley, AZ
March 2016

Orange Grove Plant
Tucson, AZ
Feb. 2016

Coolidge RM Plant & Aggregates
Florence, AZ
July 2016

Rio Rico RM Plant & Aggregates
Rio Rico, AZ
Oct. 2016


Tempe Grease Cooperative
Tempe, AZ
Aug. 2016


Mesa High School
Mesa, AZ
June 2016

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