Dust Risk-Based Forecast | Pinal County


Stagnation: Light stagnation

Wind: Light becoming west 5-10 mph


Stagnation: Light stagnation

Wind: Light winds


Stagnation: Light stagnation

Wind: Light becoming south 5-15 mph


Stagnation: No stagnation

Wind: Easterly to northeasterly 5-15 mph, gusts to 20 mph, becoming north-northwest


Stagnation: No stagnation

Wind: Light becoming west 5-12 mph

Forecast Discussion:

The Eastern Pacific continues to be full of tropical activity as there are 3 tropical systems churning over that area, Lorena, Mario and Kiko. Mario and Kiko are Tropical Storms currently and Lorena has reached Hurricane status as of this morning. The good news regarding Lorena's hurricane status, the forecast has it weakening down to a tropical depression by early next week. Tropical Storm Kiko is the farthest away from us and is projected to keep moving west (away from us), Mario is a little closer to us and is forecast to move north-northwest and be located several hundred miles off the southern Baja Cali coast by early next week. Hurricane Lorena is the one we need to keep tabs on as she is the closest to us currently (off the southern tip of Baja California) and is forecast to move northward and be off the west coast of Central Baja California by early next week. The main area of concern continues to be the tropical surge associated with Lorena and the path the storm takes. The uncertainty on the path the tropical moisture will take continues but the overall forecast has rain for the area Monday/Tuesday with the possibility for highest rain amounts of 1 to 2 or more inches! As far as the air quality is concerned, mainly good air quality is forecast in most places with Hidden Valley forecast to reach low moderates for PM10 through early next week. The dust risk forecasts for the entire five day period are in the low category.

- S.DiBiase
Pinal County Air Quality Meteorologist