Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Path Forward and Rulemaking | Onsite Wastewater

We are committed to improving the onsite wastewater treatment program, including rules, procedures and policies, in order to better support county partner and customer needs. Consider our 5-Year Plan the roadmap to the program's future, providing direction for the timely implementation of improvements to fulfill our commitment to stakeholders.

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Get Involved

We began the process of updating AAC Title 18, Chapter 9,1 as it applies to onsite wastewater treatment systems, and we encourage interested members of the community to participate and give us feedback. You can get involved in the following ways:

Technical Work Groups

ADEQ led the formation of technical work groups (TWGs) to assist implementating the 5-Year Plan. Each group has a charter specific to its scope of work and includes issues the group will address. One group (Ideal Future State Exploration) will focus on potential frameworks for a regulatory program with more flexibility and potential for treated water reuse. The other groups will recommend changes to the existing regulatory program. The work groups are:

Please note that in Februrary 2022, the 1.09 Facilities TWG merged with the Design and Permitting TWG, and the Training and Certification TWG and Operations and Maintenance TWG merged into the new Operation, Maintenance and Certification TWG.

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