State Operating Permit Program

Clean Air Act (CAA) Amendments in 1990 required that all states develop operating permit programs. The focus of these operating permit programs is to improve compliance and enforcement by issuing certain sources of air pollution a permit that consolidates all applicable CAA requirements into a federally-enforceable document.

By consolidating these requirements into a single operating permit, the Title V permit allows the source, the public and permit-issuing authority to more easily understand what requirements apply and how compliance with those requirements is determined.

Sources required to obtain an operating permit under this program include “major” sources of air pollution, as well as other sources as specified in the CAA or in EPA regulations, such as sources regulated under the acid rain program, regardless of size.

State Operating Permit Program Revision

ADEQ's Air Quality Division drafted a State Operating Permit Program Revision to update ADEQ’s state operating permit program with the EPA.1 ADEQ will request that the EPA approve the program revision as a supplement to its existing program. 

ADEQ has not revised its operating permit program since receiving full approval in 2001.2

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