How to Donate to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

As authorized by A.R.S. §41.709 , ADEQ accepts donations, which will be administered in accordance with the ADEQ policy governing such donations. All donations are to be used in manners consistent with the Employee Recognition Program of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Donor acknowledges that the donations may be utilized in a manner consistent with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality  Employee Recognition Program. 

What will donations be used for? 

By donating, you help support the ADEQ Employee Recognition Fund. Donors will receive a Donation Acknowledgement, which will be your receipt for tax purposes.* Since State dollars may not be used to purchase items for State employees, your donations help supply food and refreshments and cover other costs at employee events.

Who can donate? 
Any person or organization may contribute, however, the donor will need to certify the following statement at the time of donation:

I understand that my donation will not be disclosed to ADEQ staff and will be used for the purpose I have selected. I authorize the State of Arizona and/or the receiving agency to determine the best use of this donation consistent with the selected purpose. I, the donor, place no other restrictions, terms, or conditions on this donation. Donations are accepted with the understanding that they are nonrefundable, carry no time limit or expiration date, have been freely given, and that their acceptance creates no corresponding obligation on the part of the State of Arizona, its agencies, divisions or departments or agents and employees thereof.

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*Consult with a tax advisor about possible tax deductions.